Give us a try, your animals and the environment will not regret it.

Give us a try, your animals and the environment will not regret it.

About Us

Meet the Chaps


Chris - Left Chap

Chris is responsible for all aspects of the business. Finding hay, getting it cut, finding stockists and getting it to them and everything else


Adele - Right Chap

Adele is responsible for keeping Chris on track and for always being right

Story so far…

The Chaff Chaps was born from the need to cut wheat straw for Broadfield Mushrooms, Chris and Adele’s oyster mushroom business. In 2014, they purchased a “state of the art” 100+ year old Andrews & Beaven chaff cutter. This led to a few over the fence chats with our neighbour Rob, and soon The Chaff Chaps was born. 

To be successful, we knew we needed a chaff that no one else had and so we settled on Timothy chaff. In 2015 we received our first load of Timothy hay and initially weekends were spent chaff cutting, with both Chris’ and Rob’s families helping out. 

As people started to find out about Timothy chaff demand grew as well as demand for other types of chaff. In 2017 we started providing a Lucerne chaff and in 2018 we introduced a Meadow chaff. 2019 saw us add an Oaten chaff to our range.

For some time we had been concerned about the impact of our woven poly bags on the environment. So in early 2019 we started investigating other options for bags. We soon settled on paper bags as the best option. Now we just had to find one big enough! Late 2019 we were the first in Australasia (possibly the world) to introduce paper bags for chaff. 

We are dependant a bit on mother nature to ensure we have good hay to cut. Unfortunately late 2020 mother nature did not help us with too much rain where our Timothy grass is grown. This meant we had no Timothy for 2021. 

The Chaff Chaps have led the way in innovation around chaff. With no Timothy available we needed to find an alternative. Cocksfoot grass was found to offer the best alternative and in early 2021 we were the first (and so far, only company) to release a Cocksfoot chaff. 

The business has grown, and a face has changed, but we continue to be committed to bringing you high quality low dust chaff; just chaff. Nothing added and no fancy mixes.

Give us a try, you horse and the environment will not regret it

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